Feeling like RAPPIN?

or just simply wanna act like a “G” or maybe just wanna try that hip-hop dresses
but worried about being out of style in the new trend of hip-hop world.
Well worry no more… got you and the boys cover in..
What about getting inspired for the new hip-hop trend icon
wearing a high quality clothes with the most sophisticated design.
That also being wear of one of the hottest rapper in this generation.

Embroidered Astroworld Hoodie | Astroworld Tour Leg 1 2018 | “Wish You Were Here”

Embroidered Astroworld Wish You Were Here Hoodie is based on the third concert tour
of the rapper  to promote his third studio album “Astroworld”.
This hoodie is made of mixed cotton and the material is very soft.
It can be used as a perfect casual sweatshirt anytime of the day.
It has a joint pocket in front and is printed both ways.
An ideal sweatshirt for any weather.

And of course what is a HOODIE without a PANTS right?

Thrills and Chills Sweatpants | Astroworld Champion Sweatpants | Thrills and Chills

Astroworld Thrills and Chills Sweatpants is the part of Cactus Jack’s official website collection
which was dropped in 2018. The front side of the trouser features Astroworld Logo along with slogans
like ‘Thrills and Chills’, ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘Down To Earth’.
The back side has no print. The trouser is made up of fleece and is perfect to wear on a cold day!

And to complete that awesome get-ups see also “Happy Face Beanie Hats”.

Happy Face Beanie is the iconic cap from Lollapalooza festival held in 2018.
It contains embroidered smiley face in front and gives a funky look.
This finely knitted acrylic cotton beanie is perfect to wear casually in cold weather.
Acquire this fans favorite skully now!

And you’ll never get out of style of this hip-hop generation.