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Embroidered AstroWorld Hoodie

Embroidered astroworld merch Wish You Were Here Hoodie is based on the third concert tour of the rapper  to promote his third studio album “Astroworld”.  Read More

Look Mom I Can Fly
Embroidered Hoodie

Look Mom I can Fly Embroidered Hoodie is one of the rarest items of astroworld merchandise collection which was only available on official website for 24 hours.   Read More

Look Mom I Can Fly

This astroworld hoodie contains ‘Astroworld’ printed with ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’ on the back alongside the Logo. Read More 

Astroworld shirt​

AstroWorld "Look Mom I Can Fly" Shirt

Look Mom I Can Fly shirt is based on the infamous documentary released by travis scott in 2019 based on the artists popularity and the creation of his iconic and hit album. Read More

AstroWorld "Wish You Were Here" Shirt

Wish You Were Here shirt is based on the third official tour of the artist to promote his symbolic album Astroworld.  Read More

AstroWorld "Look Mom I Can Fly" Khaki Shirt

Look Mom I Can Fly Khaki Shirt is a rare item from official website which was available for a limited time only and only some lucky fans were able to get their hands on it.  Read More

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AstroWorld DAD Hat

Astroworld Dad cap is nice to wear and the material adds a lavish feeling to it. This comfortable hat with casual style has adjustable strap for relaxed and comfortable fit. This hat is really nice and is great quality. Read More

AstroWorld "Thrills and Chills" Sweatpants

The Astroworld “Thrills and Chills” Sweatpants (High Quality) is an essential for fans of the rapper and those who attended one of the epic Astroworld Tour stops. Read More

AstroWorld "Happy Face " Benie

Happy Face Beanie is the iconic cap from Lollapalooza festival held in 2018. It contains embroidered smiley face in front and gives a funky look.  Read More

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As expected the 3rd Annual Astroworld Festival will happen over the road from the previous home of AstroWorld an entertainment mecca opened in downtown Houston in 1968.AstroWorld amusement park was originally founded near the Astrodome; it is where the world’s first multi-purpose domed sport arena was held.Most expectators get the opportunity to see once again Megan Thee Stallion, Marilyn Manson, Rosalía, Migos, Pharrell Williams and some more.The festival tries to bring back the wistfulness of AstroWorld for Houston inhabitants and voyagers the same.


Are you obsessed with Travis Scott’s Astroworld? Let us delve further into why Travis connects with the amusement park. 

American rapper and record producer, Travis Scott released his third studio album, the Astroworld. It was named after the Six Flags amusement park that sat in his hometown, also called AstroWorld. He did so to show his genuine affection for the now defunct park which is a significant part of his childhood.The park that had a little bit of everything that brings joy to everyone but was shut down in 2005, a move that took the fun out of the city.The Six Flags Astroworld was everything that gave him bliss likewise everything that haunted him.

On the 3rd of August year 2018, the album Astroworld was released and another breakthrough. It peaked the Billboard 200 and bows atop on the charts in different countries being number 1.It was acknowledged also as one of the best albums for the year 2018 as well as the decade.With the album Astroworld’s success, Travis was in demand for several festivals and other bookings to promote his album and was also on top of the hip-hop game.He genuinely cherished Six Flags AstroWorld, thus, the main goal of the popular, “Wish You Were Here tour,” is for his greatest dream which is to restore the amusement park that inspired his 2018 hit album Astroworld, the dream that continues to loom large in his imagination.The amusement park could even be the motivation why Travis Scott began rapping.He revealed that after Six Flags AstroWorld defunct, he started making music.



With the debut of Travis Scott’s third album hit ASTROWORLD in 2018, a collection of Astroworld-themed merchandise has also been unleashed in small drops on a 24-hour feed from 1st of August to the 10th. The early collection of the Astroworld merch includes hoodies, shirts, and caps featuring simply a straightforward Astroworld’s text logo along with the words “Wish You Were Here”. The collection expanded as the daily feed started rolling to 28 pieces which feature phrases like “Look Mom I Can Fly” and “Put on a Happy Face” with a smiling globe design.

Regardless of how long you have been a fan of Travis Scott, there is no denying that ASTROWORLD has been the most robust and coveted Travis Scott Merch to date.The designs and texts in this collection define the current Travis Scott style.

travis scott hoodie pants


As a fan of Travis Scott, you sure have known all about his music, but have you look at how he metaphorically stage-dove from the music industry into the pantheon of modern streetwear?

While he started the music industry in 2012, he was also spanning collaborations with other artists, companies, and stores. Although for the better part of a decade Scott has been releasing music, it was not until the release of his third hit album “Astroworld” in 2018 that this famous rapper has gone from recording artist to a full-on brand by expanding the industry of “merch” – the AstroWorld Merch. This was his turning point that he expanded beyond his string of merch collaborations.Scott has created eye-catching merchandise filled with his Houston-inflected, hip-hop-meets-country vibe.

The rap superstar’s blockbuster tour was accompanied by Astroworld merchandise that includes Astroworld Hoodies, shirts, jackets, and everything merch created to celebrate all things Astroworld.All through his Astroworld tour, he sold massive amounts of various “Astroworld merch” products and designs at each significant stop.

In connection with the Astroworld Festival in Houston on the 17th November of the same year, a festival-themed merch was released with a slogan “Wish You Were Here” added to the collection.

In 2019, Travis collaborated with the city’s chapter of Dover Street Market, in honor of the “Astroworld:           Wish You Were Here” tour where he featured the tie-dye shirts and hoodies.These merch were bearing the Astroworld slogans and “DSM” printing.

On his Astroworld Tour performance in Madison Square Garden on March 2, 2019, he released a unique version of his concert merch to NBA fans with a New York Knicks prints.He then performed at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center the day after and released another merch. It was a tie-dye long sleeve with a burning subway car featured. 

Because of his affection to his NBA home team, still in 2019, Scott remixed the Rockets jersey.He updated the Rocket Away jersey by adding a smiling globe logo on the rocketman’s face with sketched stars and cactus jack prints on the front and back.

travis scott hoodie


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